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A “Madras Education Convention” will be held before the start of the new academic year

Madrassa students can no longer bear the educational loss

28 May 2020 News Paper

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali, head of Tehreek-e-Labeek and the founder of Tehreek-e-Sirat-e-Mustaqim Pakistan, said:

The students of religious schools could not bear any more educational loss. The move to postpone the annual examinations of religious schools was very wrong.

The closure of the Memorial Department caused irreparable damage to the annual rotation of the memorial.

The blessings of teaching in madrassas go to the whole society.

Insha’Allah, a “Madrassa Education Convention” will be held soon for the beginning of the new academic year in Madrassas.

In which the next course of action will be announced.

In this regard, contacts have been initiated with the moderators and superintendents of Ahl-e-Sunnat madrassas across the country.

Every single moment of the students of religious schools is very precious.

There are already many difficulties in completing the curriculum due to time constraints.

Lockdown caused by Corona is more dangerous than Corona.

Future lockdowns should be avoided in view of the economic and educational damage caused by lockdowns…

He said that in order to try to understand the secret behind Corona, the whole world is being paralyzed in the name of Corona.

The decision of Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, to close mosques from the Holy Haram to Taraweeh, Friday and Eid prayers is not only regrettable but also reprehensible.

If the opening of mosques in Pakistan did not bring any resurrection from the Friday and Eid gatherings, then Saudi Arabia would not be like that.


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