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The arrest of the accused in the motorway tragedy is welcome


A person who abuses his mother in front of children should be hanged in public.

Acting Amir of Tehreek-e-Labeek Amir Qari Farman Ali Haideri in his statement on the arrest of the accused in the motorway tragedy said:

The arrest of the brutal accused who violated the honor of Hawa’s daughter in front of her children on the motorway is welcome.

The government of Tehreek-e-Labeek and the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has demanded from time to time that this human-like wolf be hanged in public as soon as possible as a shocking punishment so that no one can commit such an ugly act again.

The tragedy is the result of volcanic eruptions in the eruption of nude pornography in motorway society.

Incidents of abuse of women and children are increasing day by day.

If this fitna is not treated on a solid basis, such incidents will continue to happen.

Lack of effective legislation to prevent child abuse is a great tragedy.

The human population is on the brink of extinction due to deviation from Islamic teachings.

As soon as the morning show, shameful programs, alcoholism and the growing and nudity in society are the real cause of the tragedy of the motorway and the murder of girls like Zainab.

The proliferation of pornographic films has turned the whole society into a volcano.

It is foolish to sprinkle oil on the fire of human lust and expect that the sheets of sanctity of mothers, sisters and daughters in society will not catch fire.

There is well-being for Muslims in civilized civilization, not in Western civilization.

We must learn a lesson from the suicide of Western civilization.

Painting the society in Islamic colors will solve all the problems.

Eve’s daughters are a symbol of the nation’s honor and dignity, their desecration is a violation of the nation’s collective sanctity.

14 October 2020 NewsPaper