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The arrogant Apostle Christ should be hanged


Tehreek-e-Labeek and the Protection of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

10 Oct 2020 News Paper

Protest against the arrest of Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali, the life of the Prophet (PBUH)!!

Slogans of polytheism, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Labeek or the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), the same punishment of the arrogant prophet, separate from the head and body, the arrogant prophet Sawan Masih should be punished.

Mughalpura against the release of Sawan Masih by the High Court after eight years, the non-arrest of the arrogant Sahaba, and the unjustified arrest of the protector of the Holy Prophet Sahaba and Ahlul Bayt, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali A peaceful protest rally was held from Lahore to Shalamar Bagh Chowk.

Addressing the rally, Sahibzada Murtaza Ali Hashmi, the central leader of Tehreek-e-Labeek or the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

The hearts of the lovers of the Holy Prophet (sws) have been hurt by the release of the arrogant Prophet Sawan Masih.

Ever since then, this government has been releasing four insolent people of the Prophet (peace be upon him) despite being convicted of a crime.

Listen to the ruler! All honor belongs to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Every worker of Tehreek-e-Labeek should be ready at all times to protect the honor of the Prophet, even if he has to sacrifice his life.

Pakistan has been achieved in the name of Islam after a long struggle.The great Sunnis made Pakistan by making unprecedented sacrifices.

We will not tolerate blasphemy in this country.

Despite the passage of several days, the alleged arrogance of the Companions and the Ahl al-Bayt has not yet been arrested.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Asif Jalali, who was guarding the honorable Sahaba and Ahl-e-Bayt Athar, has been detained for more than two months without any justification.

In Pakistan, Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali is a great defender of the ideology of Islam and the ideology of Pakistan.

We demand from the government that you will stop the unilateral action only and release Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali.

Dr. Mukhtar Ali Hydari said :

Releasing the arrogant prophet is tantamount to destroying peace in the country. The government should execute the arrogant prophet Sawan Masih and arrest the arrogant companions immediately.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Asif Jalali was imprisoned for guarding Syedna Siddique Akbar and Syeda Fatima Al-Kubra. The truth cannot be suppressed by such tactics.